For Homeschools and Small Groups (Under 50 Students)

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Three Steps To Success_____

When It Comes To Learning Art:
Hearing Is Good, Seeing Is Better, and Doing Is The Best!


Meet the Masters Online combines Art History, Art Technique and Art Activity for a
comprehensive art experience for your student.






Step 1: "Introducing the Masters" Online Assemblies:


The MeetTheMasters experience begins with a multi-media online assembly where children learn about the fascinating lives and famous works of the Master Artists. Interactive questions and multi-media content will keep the students’ interest while walking through a virtual museum filled with interesting storie sand facts.


Each level has material appropriate to the student’s maturity and level of understanding.


This presentation allows you to view samples of each of the three age levels for each step.


The Multi-Media Online Assembly is geared to the level of your child’s comprehension, with age-appropriate questions.


The Multi-Media Online Assembly ends with interesting facts or an interactive quiz appropriate to your child’s age and understanding.









Step 2: Art Technique


Step 2 moves away from the computer to a work-space(tableordesk). Students will complete a follow up Technique Packet that is used to review the Master Artist introduction, practice art techniques and preview the upcoming art activity.


Each age level is appropriate to the student’s level of understanding and ability to follow instruction.


Most children don't know where to start when drawing faces, though it is one of the most populart hings to draw. In the Technique Packet, when lessons involve drawing faces, the student learns some simple secrets that prepare them for success in the upcoming art project.


Use the preceding samples of our Online Curriculum and Learning Technique pages along with your know ledge and judgment of your child’s abilities and level of understanding to select the appropriate age level. Or, you can simply follow along our age guidelines.When teaching two or more children that fall in different age categories, the higher level packet is usually acceptable, so long as the reisonly one level difference in age. If children fall two levels apart(Level 1 and Level 3), it is recommended that they are taught in dependently at their age level.





Step 3: Art Activity


Designed so that students of all ages can be successful with their art project. For almost all units, levels use the same art supplies, so children of different age levels can be instructed during the learning packet and art activity steps at the same time –just given the instructions age appropriate to their level.




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