For Homeschools and Small Groups (Under 50 Students)

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Step 2: Downloadable Art Technique Packets _____

The 2nd Learning Step moves away from the computer to a work-space (table or desk). Students work independently to complete a follow up packet that is used to review the master artist introduction and preview the upcoming art activity.

Images are taken from “Learning From” Technique Packet


Van Gogh- -Ages 8-9-

For example: Vincent van Gogh loved to show texture in his paintings. In Starry Night he used exaggerated brush strokes and globs of paint to show texture and movement within the work. Where most of us think of texture as something we touch or feel with our hands, Van Gogh wanted us to SEE rather than FEEL texture. Your child will learn to do this very thing while completing the packet.

Cassatt- -Ages 8-9-

For example: Most children don’t know where to start when drawing faces, though it is one of the most popular things to draw. In this Ages 8-9 Technique Packet the student learns some simple secrets from the Master of beautiful portraits: Mary Cassatt. This technique prepares them for success in the upcoming art project.


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