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FAQs for Tech Support/Tutorial_____


Logging in #1: I can't remember my Username and Password.

Most likely, your Username is your email address.  This will be the email address you used to purchase the program, which may be different than the email address you are currently using.  If you can't remember your password, you can use the Forgot Password? link on the login page and your password will be emailed to the email address on file.

Logging in #2: My login is not my email address.

If you purchased through a group or school and did not use an email address when you purchased, you were assigned a unique Username and Password which allowed you to enter into our previous program version.  Use the same Username and Password to enter our new program version.  You will be asked to enter a valid email address, which will become your new Username.

Logging in #3: I want to change my Username email address.

For security reasons, users may change their Password, but not their Username email address. If you need to change your email address, please email and indicate the name on the account, the old email address and the new email address. Allow 48 hours for the change in email address.  

Why do I get a blank page when I click a PDF or a Download & Print button?

If you get a blank page when you click a PDF or a "Download & Print"  button, it may be the browser that you are using, or that Adobe Acrobat is not downloaded or enabled. 

  • You can  Right Click on any PDF or download button and "save target as."  This will allow you to save the file to a folder and open it directly from your computer. There are many options when you right-click that may also work for you:  "open link," "open link in new tab," "open link in new window," etc.

For Internet Explorer:
Adobe Acrobat must be loaded as an Internet Explorer "add-on"

  • From Internet Explorer menu click Tools
  • Click Internet Options
  • Go to tab for Programs or Advanced and click the Manage Add-ons button.
  • Highlight “Adobe PDF.”  At the bottom of your screen, click Enable.

Or, try  opening the program in another browser (Firefox, Google Chrome).   

Here are helpful links if you think you may need an updated version of Adobe Reader or a browser:

Adobe Reader 
To download a current version of Adobe Reader, go to:
To download a current version of Internet Explorer, go to:
To download a current version of FireFox, go to:
To download a current version of Goggle Chrome, go to


Why am I getting an error code when I try to log in?

We've recently upgraded our server for enhanced performance and security.  Please clear the cookies and cache for your browser.  In the drop-down menu of your browser, go to "History" and select the "clear recent history."  Select "everything" for the amount of time to clear and the "cookies" and "cache" options.