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What is included in my MTM Online purchase? Will materials be mailed to me?

MTM for Homeschool, Charter Schools and Small Groups is now completely ONLINE and DOWNLOADABLE.  You will not receive materials in the mail - there is no DVD that will be mailed.  For your purchase, you will receive a Login (Username and Password).  Your 3 year subscription (single tracks) or 4 year subscription (bundled tracks) gives you access to The ONLINE ART HISTORY SLIDESHOW, The DOWNLOADABLE CURRICULUM GUIDE, LEARNING PAGE WORKSHEETS and ART ACTIVITY INSTRUCTIONS.  Please view the video to learn how the program works.  NOTE:  The video portrays our previous program version. Our new version is an online slideshow with new features and downloads that you print yourself.  While access to the online slideshow is based upon a subscription time of three or four years, depending on your purchase, the downloads may be saved to your computer and are yours to keep forever! 

What comes with the purchase of MeetTheMasters Online Edition?

 Choose from 1 of 3 Age Levels: Ages 5–7, 8–9, 10–Adult  (MTM Level Comparison) and  1 of 7 Tracks: A, B, C, D, E, F, G   (The Artists).  Plus: Login with 3 year access to Online Multimedia Slideshow, ”Introducing the Masters” Download-and-Print Curriculum Guide to Slideshow, ”Learning From” Download-and-Print Worksheet Technique Pages, ”Working With” Download-and -rint Step-by-Step instructions for Art Activity, Download-and-Print Art Prints for reference.

  • Track A: Van Gogh, Cassatt, Mondrian, Picasso, Monet
  • Track B: Homer, Remington, O’Keeffe, Hokusai, Matisse
  • Track C: Degas, Kahlo, Miro, Rembrandt, Bonheur
  • Track D: Lawrence, Calder, Gauguin, Lautrec, Escher
  • Track E: Wood, Chagall, Klee, Seurat, Ringgold
  • Track F: Cezanne, DaVinci, Renoir, Rockwell, Warhol
  • Track G: Rousseau, Hopper, Martinez, Klimt, Michelangelo

What about art supplies?

Currently, MTM Homeschool Online Edition does not offer art supply bundles. Each lesson will have a list at the beginning of the art activity page that outlines the supplies needed. Supplies can be found easily at any local or online art store. 

What brand of art supplies should I buy? Can I substitute brands?

Sometimes, brand name supplies are suggested, however, you may substitute brands based upon availability.  However, always use the TYPE of supply listed.  For instance, if "oil pastel crayons" are listed, do not use wax crayons.

What is the approximate cost of art supplies?

Prices from suppliers will vary, but supplies for one track should run approximately $30.00. Two or three students can share most supplies and many supplies are repeated in future lessons and tracks, so you will only need to purchase them once.

Is Meet the Masters an Art History or Art Activity curriculum?

Actually, it is both! MTM teaches art appreciation through a Multimedia presentation that keeps the child’s attention, and most importantly, teaches them the history behind the art. Once the students have experienced the multimedia introduction (Step 1), they complete a follow-up packet (Step 2) in order to increase retention about the artist and the art genre. Often in the same medium and style of that artist, the children then create an art project (Step 3). This 3-step learning process has proven to be very successful for over 2 million children!

Can I use MeetTheMasters Online Edition with my friend or homeschool group?

MeetTheMasters Online Edition is copyrighted for individual family use. However, we do allow two or more families or small groups to ‘group teach’ with written request using Group Licensing Agreement (click link below to download). The fee per extra family or art group student is now only $5! Please fill out and mail, e-mail, or fax agreement to the contact listed on the form. To Purchase a Group License Agreement

Do teachers/parents need to be artists to teach the curriculum?

No, MTM was designed for all teachers to use. Art experience is not necessary and sometimes can be even a hindrance. You will find that one of the best aspects of the program is that you will learn alongside your child—together discovering the world of art and creativity!

How often is the curriculum meant to be taught?

You can teach one Artist Unit per week, or per month!   The curriculum is able to flex to almost any time schedule.  Each ‘Artist Unit’ requires 3 blocks of time, each varying on what grade is being taught. The Ages 8–9 Level, for example, requires a 30 minute Online Introduction, 20 minute follow-up packet, and 1 hour hands-on art project (actual time will vary based on your family’s unique learning speeds). These can be spaced however you desire—most home-schools present one artist per month; others one per week… or however their schedule will allow.

What does it mean that MeetTheMasters is a 3–Leveled art-program?

Unlike any other art program, it is written on 3 difficulty levels—continually challenging the students. Each level has the same Master Artists but is Age-Appropriate in interests, skills, and length of lessons for their attention spans. We all know that a 1st and 6th grader have different vocabularies and respond to different teaching techniques. We recommend you purchase the curriculum based on our Age-Appropriate Levels:  Ages 5–7, Ages 8–9 and Ages 10–Adult.

I have 3 children in different grades. Can I teach them at the same time?

As you know, a 1st and 6th grader can’t learn from the same curriculum. But it helps if the whole family can work on the same material. Each level of MTM covers the same artists. The program was created this way so you CAN teach multiple grades. The children can work together on the last 2 learning steps of each Artist Unit (technique packets, art projects) while at their own custom level. The Online “Introducing the Masters” (1st step) is age-appropriate in vocabulary and attention spans and is best done individually. To learn more about age levels, click Age Comparison.

Can my child use MTM independently or do I have to teach them?

MeetTheMasters Online Edition has been designed to be teacher/parent taught. The curriculum is scripted so that the educator need only present the information provided. Interactive questions and the answers are provided within the text to help engage children and challenge them to look carefully at the artwork. However, many of our older students still prefer to complete the curriculum on their own and are successful.

Is there any questionable content in MTM?

MeetTheMasters Online Edition is designed to be appropriate for elementary school students of all faiths and nationalities. While biographical information is taught about each of the artists, graphic detail is never used to talk about the “questionable” aspects of their personal lives or lifestyles. In most cases, this information is left out altogether. Likewise, the artwork covered in each artist lesson has been carefully selected. MTM does not feature any controversial artwork such as nudes.

How many Artists can my child learn about using MTM?

MeetTheMasters Online Edition is designed to teach a total of 35 Artist Units. These Units are broken down into 7 Tracks with 5 Artist Units in each. Each Track is sold separately.  A free "Preview" lesson is a great introduction to the program and ends with the creation of a portfolio for your young artists to store their future works of art!

Can you teach the Artist Units in any order?

Yes. While you can choose to teach the artist lessons in any order, it is best to teach the Free Preview lesson first. In the Preview, students will be exposed to terminology that will help them build an art vocabulary. This, coupled with the principles of looking carefully and critically when one approaches art, will prepare them for each of the following lessons. They will also be exposed to a “Sneak Preview” of each of the Masters they will “Meet” during the year and make a portfolio to house their artwork… unless it is framed and hung on the walls of your home!

I want to teach in a Public or Private School or have a group of 50+ Students

Meet the Masters has a program just for you! Our original curriculum version has been used in Private and Public schools and has been taught to over 4 million children in schools around the world for nearly 30 years!  The Public and Private School program includes art supplies for large groups, teacher and volunteer training materials, large laminated classroom prints, and more.  Please visit our Public and Private School page.

Why doesn't the Audio work?

When Adobe discontinued their Flash player in January 2021, the audio and quizzes for the program, which run on Flash, no longer operate.  We have created a Google Drive folder that has  all of the audio soundbites for all lessons as well as some ending quizzes for most of the lessons, if you choose to use them.  You can access the folder with the audio here:

 We’ll be working on a solution to have the audio play inside the lesson again, but it might be a few months, so for now you can play the soundbites through this online folder.  Many teachers just use the curriculum script and don’t use the audio, so the audio isn’t necessary to teach the lessons. Thank you for your patience!