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MeetTheMasters Online Edition (MTM) hereby grants to you ("Coordinator") the license and right to use your purchased MTM Online Multimedia presentation and Curriculum (the "Curriculum") with a group consisting of the number of families or art group students (the "Group"), represented by the above purchase, subject to the following terms and conditions:


1. Definitions. "Family" or "families" shall mean the immediate family members of a single household (i.e., mother, father, and children). "Art group" shall mean a for profit or non profit group of children, related or not related, instructed as an organized art class group.


2. Responsibility for Payment. You agree that, despite the involvement of other families within the Group, you are responsible for the payment of all license fees associated with the use of the Curriculum as described herein. You agree to make such payment to MTM prior to beginning any use of the Curriculum.


3. Reproduction of Curriculum Materials. When appropriate based on the instructions contained in the Curriculum, Coordinator may make the required number of photocopies of the applicable Curriculum material for distribution to the members of the Group for participation in the activities contained within the Curriculum. Such right of reproduction and distribution shall not extend beyond the members of the Group, nor shall such right of reproduction or distribution extend to the teacher's guide included in the Curriculum.


4. Commercial Use. Neither Coordinator, nor any member of the Group, shall reproduce and make available the Curriculum commercially, nor shall Coordinator, or any member of the group, make commercial use of the Curriculum by charging for the right to be a member of the Group, without the prior written permission of MTM; provided, however, Coordinator shall be allowed to obtain reimbursement from the families participating in the Group of the pro rata cost of such family's involvement in the group (i.e., the pro rata portion of the license fee paid and costs of reproduction of any materials distributed to such family).


5. Enrollment Estimates: If the exact number of students is not yet known, the Coordinator agrees to estimate, to the best of his or her knowledge, the total number of students to be enrolled. It is agreed that no refund will be issued if enrollment is lower than estimated and that additional licensing fees will be forwarded to MTM if actual enrollment exceeds estimate.


6. Miscellaneous Provisions. The terms and conditions set forth herein shall be construed and interpreted under the laws of the State of California. Your failure to agree to any or all of the terms and conditions set forth herein shall be grounds for MTM's refusal to provide the Curriculum to you for its use as described herein, including termination of the program website log‐in, without any refund of paid fees.


The terms and conditions set forth herein constitute our entire agreement regarding your use of the Curriculum, and shall continue in effect with regard to any such use until modified or terminated in writing by MTM. Meet the Masters Online Edition Licensing Agreement terms of this Agreement may only be changed by a writing executed by an authorized representative of MTM. All rights not expressly granted hereunder are reserved to MTM.


By clicking the "Add to Cart" button you are evidencing your agreement to be bound by all of the terms and conditions contained herein regarding your use of the Curriculum. You also agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of any third party that may have an interest in your use of the Curriculum as described herein (i.e., the Group members).