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Vincent Van Gogh Projects



Vincent Van Gogh
Dutch Painter - 1853 - 1890


The life and art of Vincent van Gogh is presented in an assembly to make art history come alive. Voice tapes, music lyrics, and van Gogh dress-up props motivate the children to investigate his artistic genius. In their classroom art activities texture is emphasized as they create their own oil pastel masterpieces of A Starry Night!


Art Concepts Taught: Texture


Beg. Level: Drawing with texture
Int. Level: Drawing, inventing, and using texture
Adv. Level: Drawing and creating movement with texture

Van Gogh’s Textures

Oil Pastels


Beg. Level: Textured spirals & foreground
Int./Adv. Levels: Textured spirals, foreground, middle and background
Adv. Level: Adds a village



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