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Andy Warhol Projects



Andy Warhol



Andy Warhol Art Projects


Andy Warhol
American (1928-1987)


The “Prince of Pop” artist, Andy Warhol, excites the children as they view his bright colors and simple shapes of everyday, popular items of the 1960’s.  His most famous artwork, Campbell’s Soup Cans, along with other masterpieces, inspire the children to create their own version of “Pop Art.”


Art Concepts Taught: Color


Contrasting Colors:


All Levels:  Explore “pop” art with repeating shapes and contrasting colors
Int./Adv. Levels:  Practice graphic art lettering


Warhol’s Colors


Beg. Level:  Tissue collage
Int./Adv. Levels:  Campbell’s Soup Portrait with paper and pens




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