For Homeschools and Small Groups (Under 50 Students)

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For Homeschools and Small Groups (Under 50 Students)



It has been proven that art education can improve student scores in core subjects up to 20%!


For over 25 years, the Meet the Masters Public and Private School program has brought the world of art to millions of children. For nearly 10 years, this renowned art curriculum program has taken top awards nationwide in the art education category for homeschooled children.



Three Easy Steps


Meet the Masters is easy to teach; no art background is necessary. The step-by-step curriculum is fun. MTM is also age-appropriate, with three levels of learning based on each child’s age or learning capabilities.



STEP 1: Online Art History Slideshow “I can SEE, HEAR and LEARN.”


STEP 2: Worksheet Technique Pages: “I can FOLLOW DIRECTIONS”


STEP 3: Create a Work of Art based on the lesson: “I can HAVE FUN and CREATE!”


MTM For Groups


This program version is intended for the learning environment of single families and small groups. To purchase a license for additional families and small groups, please visit our Group License Store page.


If your group is a public or private school with 50 or more students enrolled, please visit our highly acclaimed Public and Private School Program.



“We found the program very easy to work with and the art presentation was beautifully done and well thought out. Our children learned more than they did by visiting the local museum! Meet the Masters is a great product and one any homeschooler will be glad they purchased!”

– Homeschool Parent